Family value

Apparently, family value occupies a critical position in the hearts and minds of Vietnamese people. It is fair to say that the family is the center of the Vietnamese common man’s preoccupation and the backbone of the society.
This value is mainly based on the principle of collective and mutual responsibility. For the whole family reputation, each individual strives to be the pride of the family. Personal success or achievement will bring honor to the whole family. The child is taught from early childhood to sacrifice himself for the sake of his family welfare and harmony. Likewise, misconduct of an individual brings shame to not only himself but also his parents, siblings, relatives and ancestors. Mutual responsibilities are expected to be fulfilled for harmonious atmospheres. Above all, filial piety has been seen as the intangible string that connects generation and generation from time to time.

The most important feature of Vietnamese familial love and attachment is that it is the source of greater love for homeland as a whole. The homeland is not only a place where we were born but also where our ancestors were buried. As a proverb says our love for homeland is like a leaf which leaves the branch to fall down on the ground at the foot of the tree. This deep allegiance binds Vietnamese together. Thousands of villages are shaped around the country each of which has its own name, customs, traditions and constitutions. The strong adhesion to the neighborhood and the community in which one lives is said to be the firm base of Vietnamese humanity and kindheartedness.